WSPTL-Men Rules and Procedures

Men's Tournament



The mission of the WSPTL is to promote and grow the sport of platform tennis.


A team may apply to enter the WSPTL by emailing the administator. As this is a new league, our best efforts will be made to group similar teams. Participation and sign up may dictate this as well.

There is a $200 per team fee for each player participating in the league due before playing their first match. They can sign up at



1. All division matches will be played on Thursday evening beginning at 7pm. Match schedules will be determined before the start of each session. Make-up matches should be played as quickly as possible.

2. Each match will play best two of three sets. A 12-point tiebreaker will be played in any set reaching 6-6 (Rule 27).

3. Each team shall furnish six different players filling the three matches. A player may play in only one scheduled WSPTL match in any given week. If a club has multiple teams and a match is rescheduled, a player may only play for one of their club’s teams for that scheduled match, regardless of when individual division match is actually played. No player may play for more than one of their club’s division teams per scheduled match.

4. Club members and municipal team players will abide by the eligibility rules of their specific site (i.e. memberships, residency requirements, and town permits, etc.). Most municipal facilities have residency requirements and those rules must be followed. A guest of a club member may not play as a guest for a team. Team captains are responsible for player eligibility. A player may only play for one club during the season.

5. Rosters will be open for players to be added. This a growing league and we want to encourage growth so new players/members may be added throughout the season.

6. The score must be submitted to the WSPTL website by end of the next day.

7. The host team must provide new Masters, Viking, Wilson platform tennis balls, as well as practice balls and drinking water for each court during the match. Beer and snacks are also appreciated.



8. Teams will field their strongest line up in order of ability or previous APTA play during the season. No stacking. A player may play two line positions up or down in the line up from where she last played (includes make-up matches), and a pair of players may only move up or down one spot from where they last played (no matter how many weeks have passed since their last pairing), keeping in mind that the strongest players should not be playing lower positions to stack the line up. Captains must ensure that matches are played “best against best.” All players must be in good standing with their club/facility.

9. Timing of Matches and Split Courts:

a. When fewer than three courts are available, the home team captain must inform visiting team captain of split courts at least 2 days before the match.

b. The visiting team captain may determine order of play through Monday preceding the match. If the visiting captain has not given the order of play, the home team captain may dictate order of play and must inform visiting team captain by noon the day of the match.

c. Please keep in mind that we are all in this to play, a bit of leniency is encouraged, but these rules do stand in place when issues arise.

10. In the case of doubtful weather, captains must contact each other by 4pm on the day of the match to make the decision whether matches will be played. Once a decision has been made, it is final. Please make every effort to play matches, however, use good judgment concerning players’ safety.

11. If matches are cancelled due to weather, matches should be rescheduled at a mutually agreed upon time. Once captains both agree on a make-up date, that new date is fixed and should not be changed for any reason. Matches can be scheduled individually if other options are not available.

12. If a match has begun and is postponed or delayed, it will resume with the same players, in the same positions, and with the same score from when play was interrupted.

13. A match is considered ended when the players shake hands and leave the court.



14. The host team captain should post the scores to by the end of the day following the match. In the case of make-up or incomplete matches, captains should enter the scores as they are played and then contact the administrator to enter the dates, scores and names for the remaining matches not played on the originally scheduled date. Failure to enter scores in a timely manner could lead to a penalty point.

15. The opposing captain has 48 hours after the scores are entered to verify the scores on-line, or the scores will stand as entered by the host captain.

16. The opposing captain may report errors in the scores posted on line by emailing the administrator.

17. When entering scores for a make-up match, enter the date the match was played in the NOTES section on the score sheet.



18. If there is a default known in advance, the opposing captain should be notified the night before a match, but must be notified by 5pm the afternoon of the match in order to avoid a penalty point. The default will take place on court 3 and the rest of the players will move up in the lineup. The score should be recorded 6-0, 6-0, as a DEFAULT and no individual names should be entered. ** If a team defaults a court the night before a match that is then cancelled due to weather or school delays the following day, all 3 courts should be rescheduled.

19. If a player does not show up within 15 minutes of the starting time, one set is defaulted. Matches held up by 25 minutes or more will be defaulted. Scores will be awarded to the team ready to play and on time. The score should be recorded 6-0, 6-0, as a DEFAULT and no individual names should be entered. A 10 minute grace period will be granted for injuries (i.e. falling down, player hit by a ball or racket, etc.). If a player needs special attention (i.e. ice pack or taping), make sure the opposing team is fully aware of the incident and ensures all discussions are in public view. If the injured player has not recovered after 10 minutes, the team with the injured player must “withdraw” and the match is awarded to the opposing team. Select winner by “RETIRED.” Record whatever set or game scores were at the time of injury.

20. Any player who goes on the court must be prepared to remain until completion of the match. If a player leaves, the scores are recorded "as is" when the match "ended." Select winner by “FORFEIT.” The forfeiting team loses the match.

21. If there has been an unavoidable delay and play starts late, both teams must play until the match is completed.

22. We reserve the right to penalize teams or players for poor sportsmanship as well as teams that have used excessive or last minute defaults or inappropriately placed players to affect the outcome of the season.

23. If a team wants to protest a match, the team's captain must do so within 24 hours following the match, by contacting the Administrator. Information will be gathered and a decision will be made. Please remember decisions will be made fairly and in the best interest of the league and future play.




24. From the beginning of the match, play must be continuous. Attempts to stall or extend rest periods for the purpose of recovering from a loss of a physical condition are illegal.

25. Intentional distractions that interfere with your opponents’ concentration or effort to play the ball are against the rules.

26. Coaching during warm up and matches is prohibited. Spectators should not interfere with or offer any assistance with the conduct of matches.

27. Cell phones and all electronic communication devices are prohibited.



28. In event of a tie score at the end of a session, the tie break system is as follows: highest total points, head-to-head match score, winner of total sets during the session, and then winner of total games won during the session.

29. At the end of the season, division standings are determined by the total number of points earned by each team. Each team can earn up to 3 points each match. At the completion of each session, the league director will decide if teams will shift up or down before the next season . The top scoring team in each division will be the division winner.




At six games all, the players continue to serve in order and from the same end as before. The server of the first point of the tie-breaker will serve only one point, to the ad court. Each player will then, in normal service rotation, serve twice; first to the deuce court then to the ad court. The single point served by the initial server of the tie-breaker results in an immediate change of ends, and teams will continue to change ends in the normal pattern as if the server had served an entire game. First team to win 7 points wins the set, although if it be 6 points all, a team must win the tiebreaker by a margin of two points. The set shall be scored 7-6. The team receiving serve for the first point of the tiebreaker shall begin serving the next set from the opposite side from which it received the first point. The teams shall change ends after the first game.

31. APTA rules shall govern all matches, unless otherwise stated in these rules.

32. Double hits are illegal. Carries, as long as it is one stroke are legal.

33. Foot faults: Can and should be called during a match as long as a warning was given first. Not during play or during warm up, but at the change of sides.

34. Proper etiquette and sportsmanship is highly encouraged.

35. Let: A let serve is played.

36. Fault or Out: If there is a disagreement between the receiving partners whether the service is good or out, a “let” should be played, regardless of whether the serve was returned in or out of play. Also, if during play, a player makes an “out” call on a ball which the player could otherwise return, play should stop. If the partner disagrees with her partner and believes the ball was in, a “let” should be played.

37. Questions, concerns or problems should be directed to the Administrator.